Being Kind or Kinda-Being-a-Busybody?

To a lot of people, - myself included - kindness is defined by being 
generous with one's efforts, words or even material things without 
expecting anything in return.

In this writing challenge, we were encouraged to share the details of our last act of kindness. Pondering this, I was thrown for a loop because I couldn’t really say if what I did last qualifies as being kind or plain disrespectful for meddling with other people’s business.

See, my ex-boyfriend was fast getting a reputation for being a stinking womanizer. In fact, even after we broke up and he had another girlfriend, he would still come by and chat me up or walk me to my classes. I was vastly uncomfortable with that and so I told him so. Afterwards, he settled for sending me flirty text messages which I, of course, ignored.

A few weeks later, his girlfriend, Eva – who was also the chick he cheated on me with, sent a ‘friend request’ my way via Facebook. To be fair, she was an acquaintance so I thought it would be rude to snob her. Before long, she started sending me friendly messages and I found she was really quite a nice person, ex-boyfriend-drama notwithstanding. And yes, we became friends.

I found out she hadn’t really known my ex had a girlfriend when he started going out with her. So I believed her and thought, yeah whatever. I mean, I can’t really be mad at her forever and if there was anyone at fault, it was my ex for being such a bastard blah blah…

About a month later, I saw the guy holding hands with another girl at the mall. At first, I thought hey, it’s not my business anymore so I didn’t say anything to Eva, though she told me that night that she has a feeling he’s been cheating on her. I listened but stayed quiet.

The next time I saw my ex, it was at a restaurant and he was kissing a different chick! I was angry, and frankly a little insulted because this schmuck obviously had no respect for women whatsoever. In a huff, I called Eva and told her what I saw. She cried and asked me to come over so I did. We had to go through two pints of ice cream before she could even start feeling a little bit better.

Of course, as I made my way home, I felt a little sick to my stomach for telling her and upsetting her so much. I know this is stupid but it’s just another one of those things you can’t control, I guess.

I have to admit though, I also felt happy and relieved ’cause I thought I’ve accomplished something by helping my friend break free of the dark cloud that was my ex. That was quickly blown to smithereens though, when she told me she got back together with him two days later and yep, you guessed it, he promised to change and be a better man for her.

 I don’t know why I was even surprised when I saw him five days later with another girl hanging off his arm.




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