Is your favorite color anything but pink?
Do you make a habit of keeping your fingernails neat and clean?
Do flats and kicks dominate your shoe rack?

Like pigs – girls have been herded and lumped into one particular place since time immemorial. Before, it was the kitchen…

Not that I really mind spending some time in there but, boo hoo!

Now, it’s one particular mind-numbing stereotype that makes me grit my teeth in annoyance every single time.

So, 4 out of 5 guys agree that girls:

 are über-sensitive
 cry about the smallest things
 whine about getting sweaty and dirty outside the bedroom, of course
 expect to always be taken to expensive restaurants
 love shopping more than anything else in the world
 turn into jealous bitches at the slightest provocation
 all adore 'chick flicks'
 talk and talk and talk about themselves
 have weird eating habits when they're out on dates
 go out with playboys and jerks in the hopes of screwing 'fixing' them
 crave attention
 all get together to talk about 'feelings and shit'
 nag about weddings and babies more than anything else

Of course there are stereotypes for guys, too – but let’s not go there.

Not today, anyway… *evil grin*

So to give those people who just love to stereotype a slap in the face, I have decided to make a list of what some girls (mainly, my humble self) would do or not do compared to your “average gal.”


 choose 'Gone in 60 Seconds' over 'The Notebook' any day
 not insist on watching romantic movies. 'Lethal Weapon', maybe... 
  'Titanic'? Not so much
 have a lot of fun just staying home doing regular stuff with you
 not constantly ask if they look fat or (God forbid!) 'lumpy'
 rather grab pizza instead of tiny servings of pretentious food
 never take a joke seriously and hold it against you for 
  the next 5-10 years
 not change the way they laugh when you're around 
  (in other words - if you don't like it, sod off)
 say exactly what they mean and not twist it into words only 
  dogs could understand
 not bitch at you for taking too long to text back
 not hesitate to tell you when you're being an obnoxious asshole
 rather go trekking instead of getting mani-pedis
 prefer staying home and cooking as opposed to dressing up for a 
  fancy dinner (most of the time)
 never nag or talk at you 'cause they know what that's like and it sucks
 not bug you 24/7 to 'open up' about everything when that 
  obviously annoys the hell out of you
 not expect you to be 'sweet and perfect' all the darn time 
  (it's a bit sickening really)
 not answer your questions in a completely vague and slightly 
  stupid manner
 never cheat on you with another guy just 'cause he's a better listener
 be okay to just be in the sidelines every now and then
 let you make up your own mind about the relationship in your own time. 
  'Desperate and needy' is NOT a good look for anybody, sweetie.

And there you have it. A comprehensive list of what some girls would  that  most girls wouldn’t and vice versa.

So chickie, are you some girls or most girls?


See ya babes! 😉


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